e-commerce process

E-commerce Process

To create an on-line shop is not a pure technology exercise. It’s much more than that. First of all you need a reliable, state of the art platform that is going to be the real engine of the whole process.

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e-commerce platform

E-commerce Platform

K-nimbus is the enterprise level platform for E-commerce accessible to all sizes of business as it offers modular packages tailored to the needs of each organization.

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e-commerce consultancy

E-commerce Consultancy

Our team has developed projects in complex customer implementations. This competence is today available to help customers build a succesfull e-commerce experience.

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Incorporated in Switzerland starting from a long experience in the e-commerce industry, Keros Digital facilitates and speeds up the activation and management of online sales processes, by using its innovative technology solutions created for the enterprise market and making them accessible to everybody favoring an immediate return in terms of turnover, interaction and customers' loyalty.





K-nimbus today has already more than 40 active stores, with over 35 Million € in sales and more than 1’000’000 units sent in the following markets:

  • Cosmetics

  • Accessories

  • Technical apparel

  • Home hardware

  • Fashion

  • Luxury

  • Design and Furniture



Keros Digital completes its offer thanks to several partnerships in different areas and territories. In this way Keros digital is able to stay closer to its clients and to deliver high level solutions.




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K-nimbus is a Swiss enterprise level platform for e-commerce

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