To create an on-line shop is not a pure technology exercise. It’s much more than that. First of all you need a reliable, state of the art platform that is going to be the real engine of the whole process. Exactly as in creating a good car, once the engine is ready, you need to identify and assemble the remaining and not less important components.


K-nimbus is the enterprise level platform for e-commerce accessible to all sizes of business as it offers modular packages tailored to the needs of each organization. It is a turnkey platform, providing 360 degree operations and can be used immediately, accelerating the go-live of your online store and anticipating the related benefits.

A deep knowledge of any single aspect of an e-commerce project could be reached only working for years on different e-shop experience in different customers in different market segments. Competence cannot be created with a simple snap. Keros Digital team has developed projects in the most complex customer implementations and is positioned today among the leading gurus of e-commerce community.