Keros' Founders and Partners have accumulated relevant experience in the e-commerce industry - having been customer and service provider themselves in previous experiences - and in the enterprise value added software market. The company has today a management team able to translate operational experience and skills into software solutions, assuring completeness and user-friendliness.

Customers and partners could take real advantages in developing their e-commerce projects with Keros Digital, having for the first time the possibility to share experiences and ideas with a market player that, thanks to its origin, was born with the clear mission to cover what the previous existing suppliers do not consider, to speed what with them is cumbersome, to simplify what with them is complex.


leonardo pecchioli
"We founded Keros Digital cause we feel to have not only a first class e-commerce platform, but the possibility to say something new to the market, given our origin. To put in place this new approach for benefit of our customers is our way to give value to shareholder investments and grow a profitable long term company".

Leonardo Pecchioli

roberto caffarone
"Keros Digital brings to the market not only a state of the art e-commerce platform, but also a wide range of competences to help our customers and to enable our partners in creating successful e-commerce projects”.

Roberto Caffarone

patrizio coppoli
"When dealing with an e-commerce project, every company has to cover complex aspects such as tax compliance among different countries, logistics – from warehouse to shipping management – and store management. We solve these issues and provide advice to increase efficiency and decrease costs".

Patrizio Coppoli

marco valsesia
"K-nimbus has the same precision and reliability of a high class Swiss watch. Customer could compare – like with a Chrono – our unbeatable speed in setting up each installation. With the constant increase of digital experience, an on-line shop is maybe the most relevant exposure of each company to the market: it has to be engaging, flexible and reliable".

Marco Valsesia