A deep knowledge of any single aspect of an e-commerce project could be reached only working for years on different e-shop experience in different customers in different market segments. Competence cannot be created with a simple snap. Keros Digital team has developed projects in the most complex customer implementations and is positioned today among the leading gurus of e-commerce community.


This competence is today available to help customers and to enable partners in building a succesfull e-commerce esperience, for the best Return on Investement actually available on the market. For each project a complete Profit & Loss plan will be created for our customers, showing revenue, margins and net income expected, with a clear and transparent indication of each single cost, from creativity to marketing, from order management and shipment to store management. In this way the customer will have evidence from the beginning of how to monitor the project and will keep a full control of any activity related to its own brand.

Together with the partners working with us, if requested with Keros Digital orchestration, we can support customers in:



The first point of contact with the consumer is the online store itself.

Creativity includes:

  • Design: the creation of the look of the store
  • Banner rotation: the store shall be often refreshed in order to build interest in the store.


The product offered in the store must be attractive for the consumer.

Photoshooting and copywrtiting are essential to enhance product and global brand perception.

Photoshooting and copywrtiting are essential to enhance product and global brand perception.



Web marketing is one of the major pillars of a good on line strategy positioning.

Traffic sources include:

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Affiliation Network
  • DEM campaigns
  • Market Place
cash and fraud management

Cash and Fraud Management

Each country has its own preferred payment method.

  • Credit Card Gateway
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer
  • Cash on Delivery
  • PayU
  • Alipay
tax compliance

Tax compliance

Keros can provide assistance on international tax regulation through its partners. In addition the platform is already setup to respect tax regulations in different counties around the world (i.e.: Europe, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Australia, Japan).

customer service

Customer service

Customer Service is one of the main activities to produce loyalty and returning customer in the web-site customer base.

To invest in customer service increases the returning customer rate and allows the website to lower the customer acquisition costs which, especially in the startup phase, can be particularly severe.

store manager assistance

Store manager assistance

An online store is a mix of specialties and each of them need to bring its result in the proper time coordinated with the other activities. A proper coordination between activities is crucial to the performance of the online store.

Keros can provide to Client a professional store manager that will assist client in the day to day and strategic activities.